Embedded systems are all around us: from cellphones to air conditioners and cars. Real-Time Operation Systems (RTOS) ensure the safety of these products, and make sure processing is done within Real-time constraints.

Our Experience

Trego is experienced with both commercial & open source RTOS’s. We are experienced in designing RT applications with or without an operating system. Our development experience includes:

  • Commercial RTOS : VxWorks, ThreadX, uC-OS2
  • Open source RTOS : FreeRTOS, OpenRTOS
  • Architectures: ARM, PIC
  • Design of RT applications


Example project

Testing platform for RF signals.

  • Architecture: PIC-24, PC
  • Distribution: FreeRTOS, Windows
  • Framework used: .NET GUI, Socket application
  • Description : A PC running .NET GUI screens and communicating with a PIC-24 custom board running FreeRTOS. The software running on the PIC translates the remote command to FPGA I/O, and the processing is done under real-time constraints