Java for Embedded systems

As embedded computer hardware resources grew, Java became increasingly more attractive for embedded system development.
The community of Java developers is highly knowledgeable and ever growing. It makes Java for embedded Systems so exciting!

Our Experience

Trego’s experience in java for embedded systems range from Java infrastructures and up to java application development and java webservices development. Our development experience includes:

  • Optimizing Java for best performance
  • Java application development on Embedded architecture
  • Java webserivces development (REST) for java web server


Example project

Java application for monitoring remote sensor data.

  • Architecture: Raspberry-PI
  • Distribution: Raspbian
  • Framework used: Java, Linux Bluez, Java BLE, Linux Wlan (AP+STA), Apache Tomcat
  • Description: Developed a custom Raspbian image that enables BLE & WiFi communication. The application was written in Java using Tomcat as a webserver and communicate with a BLE sensor and a cloud server