Android Infrastructure

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world. The Android platform contains many layers, some of which require special development expertise and platform knowledge.

Our Experience

Trego’s engineers have developed in many layers of the Android platform. Our experience includes adding support for a new hardware in all Android relevant layers, modifications to the Android (Linux) kernel & device drivers and building a new device driver for Android.

Example project

Digital signage Product (Video Advertisements)

  • Architecture: OMAP4470
  • Distribution: Android
  • Frameworks used: SMIL
  • Description: Trego‚Äôs Digital Signage product contains the following features (and many others):
    • Controls Cross-Platform Network Management ( Windows / Linux )
    • Recursive Grouping of devices
    • Alarms / Event management
    • Data & Video paths inside the box
    • Split screen topology
    • Play lists for each window
    • Scenario Creation
    • Digital Signage POPAI format support