Medical Devices

The medical devices industry is going through an electronic revolution, as more and more devices are becoming electronic with complex software and hardware support. Medical devices require knowledge in both small footprint HW & SW and on the other end, complex GUI running heavy GUI frameworks frontends.

Our Experience

Trego has been working in the medical industry with a variety of clients. We developed products that range from Bedside Monitors to complex Imaging equipment. Our development experience includes:

  • Networking protocols: BLE, Wi-Fi
  • Architectures: i.MX6, TI DaVinci, Raspberry-PI
  • Complex applications: Custom Java (for embedded) application, video based application
  • Security: Safely secure patient’s private data

Example project

Java application for monitoring remote sensor data.

Architecture : Raspberry-PI

Distribution : Raspbian

Framework used : Java, Linux Bluez , Java BLE, Linux Wlan ( AP+STA ), Apache Tomcat.

Description : Developed a custom Raspbian image that enables BLE & WiFi communication. the application was written in Java using Tomcat as a  webserver and communicate with a BLE sensor and a cloud server.